Dual Citizenship in Egypt: An Expats Guide

Embarking on the journey of dual citizenship in Egypt offers a unique blend of challenges and rewards, tailored especially for expats navigating this vibrant land.

This guide illuminates the path, providing essential insights and practical advice to unlock the mysteries of Egyptian dual citizenship.

Let’s dive in!

How Do You Become An Egyptian Dual Citizen?

Becoming a dual citizen in Egypt involves a complex process governed by the country’s legal framework.

The Egyptian law allows Egyptian citizens to naturalize a foreign nationality while retaining the Egyptian citizenship after obtaining the permission of the Minister of the Interior.

When permission is granted, it doesn’t include non-minor children or wives. However, minor children (up to 18 years old) are included, but each must submit a separate application.

The Egyptian law also allows citizens who are authorized to naturalize a foreign nationality while retaining the Egyptian nationality with the exception of performing military service in Egypt.

Egyptian Dual Citizenship By Birth Rules

Birth within the country of Egypt does not automatically confer citizenship. Citizenship by birth is only granted under the following conditions: Child born in Egypt, out of wedlock, to an Egyptian mother, is considered a citizen of Egypt.

Child born in Egypt of unknown parents is automatically granted Egyptian citizenship.

Child, born in wedlock, whose father is an Egyptian citizen, is automatically a citizen of Egypt, regardless of the child’s country of birth.

There is no standard law for naturalization. Different categories of people face varying requirements. 

Some groups include: Persons born in Egypt, of a father who was born in Egypt, and who is a member of a racial minority, faces no residency requirements if their language is Arabic or religion is Islam.

Person, who was born in and has resided most of their life in Egypt, may opt for Egyptian nationality upon reaching the age of majority. However, a presidential decree is required.

Woman who marries an Egyptian national becomes a citizen of Egypt, providing that she declares her desire to acquire her husband’s nationality to the Minister of the Interior. 

Upon making the declaration, two years of marriage must follow before citizenship is granted.

Most other persons face a residency requirement of 10 years, as well as the necessity of obtaining a presidential decree, for citizenship to be granted.

Can I Get Dual Citizenship In Egypt As A Naturalized Citizen?

Dual nationality is typically allowed in Egypt since 2004, as long as authorization is given by the government; however, neither the president nor prime minister, or their immediate family members can hold multiple nationalities.

Various court rulings in specific cases have also barred parliamentarians from having dual nationality.

Typically, if someone acquires dual nationality and does not have governmental permission, there is no automatic consequence; however, if the Cabinet of Egypt has rendered a decision on the case, the affected individual is legally denaturalized.

How Can I Become Naturalized In Egypt?

Egyptian Law 140 of 2019 sets out the controls for granting Egyptian citizenship to a foreigner. Five investment programs have been developed to facilitate obtaining Egyptian citizenship. 

An amount of $ 250,000 shall be deposited, by a bank transfer from abroad as direct income (grant) to the State’s public treasury. The amount is non-refundable.

After 10 years of continuous residence in Egypt, expats are entitled to apply for citizenship. If an expat plans to take up employment in Egypt, they will need a work permit in addition to a residence permit.

Getting Egyptian Dual Citizenship When Living In Another Country

The citizen must submit the completed form (available from the embassy) along with the following documents to the Consular Section:

  • The citizen must submit the completed form (available from the embassy) along with the following documents to the Consular Section:
  • A copy of an Egyptian birth certificate.
  • A photocopy of the Egyptian birth certificate of the person’s father or an uncle or aunt (to verify that the grandpa is Egyptian).
  • A copy of the Egyptian passport’s information pages—it must be valid.
  • A photocopy of the Egyptian ID card.
  • A copy of the foreign passport’s information pages (must be valid).
  • A copy of the foreign national’s naturalization certificate (if applicable).
  • The husband’s permission for his wife to obtain foreign nationality through naturalization.
  • Four personal photos.

The normal processing period for dual citizenship approval is six weeks. The consulate will analyze the documents and send them to the Nationality Authority. The citizen must follow up with the consular division for updates.

How to Get Dual Citizenship If I Have An Egyptian Ancestor?

Acquiring dual citizenship based on an Egyptian ancestor often involves a process of claiming nationality through descent. 

Confirm your eligibility for dual citizenship through descent. Typically, eligibility is based on having an Egyptian ancestor, such as a parent or grandparent who is or was an Egyptian citizen.

Collect the necessary documentation to prove your descent and relationship to the Egyptian ancestor. This may include birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other relevant records.

Reach out to the nearest Egyptian embassy and submit an application for citizenship based on descent. 

Be prepared for background checks and verification processes to confirm your eligibility and the authenticity of the provided documentation.

Once your application is submitted, you will need to await a decision from the Egyptian authorities. This process may take some time.

Upon successful completion of the process, you should receive a certificate of citizenship. This document confirms your dual citizenship status.

Advantages Of Having Egyptian Dual Citizenship

✅ Dual citizenship allows individuals to maintain a strong connection with their Egyptian heritage, culture, and family. It provides the opportunity to actively participate in cultural events, family gatherings, and traditions.

✅ Holding dual citizenship grants you the flexibility to travel freely between Egypt and your other country of citizenship without the need for visas or residency permits.

✅ Egyptian citizens can travel visa-free to 24 countries in the world.

✅ Dual citizens may have access to educational and healthcare benefits in both countries. 

✅ Dual citizenship facilitates property ownership and investment opportunities in both Egypt and your other country of citizenship. It can provide you with more flexibility in managing assets and real estate holdings.


Navigating the waters of dual citizenship in Egypt is akin to uncovering an ancient treasure; it’s complex but immensely rewarding.

Armed with the right knowledge and resources, expats can confidently embrace this journey, enriching their lives with the cultural and legal tapestry of Egypt.

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re nearing the end of your application odyssey, remember, the key to success lies in persistence and informed preparation.

Happy journeying!

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